Widow of Silence

Widow of Silence

Director : Praveen Morchhale / 86 / India / Urdu / 2018


In a conflict ridden Kashmir, a Muslim half-widow finds herself, her 11 year old daughter and ill mother-in-law in a crisis when she attempts to get her missing husband’s death certificate from the government. Now she will have to find the strength to come out from an unthinkable and absurd situation.

Festivals &Awards

  • Busan International Film Festival 2018
  • Section: A Window on Asian Cinema
  • Director Praveen Morchhale was nominated for Kim Ji-seok Awards




Praveen Morchhale – Director/ Scriptwriter/ Producer
Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah – Cinematographer
Anthony Joseph – Editor
Sanal George – Sound Designer
Nikita Shah – Art Director


Director’s statement

Based on many true stories from conflict-ridden Kashmir, I am trying to portray the pain, struggle, suffering, resilience and the indomitable spirit of Kashmiri Half-widows and their children. Half Widows are women whose husbands have disappeared and their death is not ascertained in Kashmir. Like any other conflict-ridden place, women and children are the most affected here too. These half-widows and their children live an isolated social life and face a lot of harassment, sexual exploitation, and humiliation. Remaining true to reality, “Widow of Silence” expresses the women’s conditions in one corner of the world, away from the spotlight.



Shilpi Marwaha – Aasia
Ajay Chourey – Govt. Officer
Noor Jahan – Inaya
Bilal Ahmad – Van Driver